Hot Folder Support

Use virtually any camera with Instant Photo Booth

Most DSLR cameras are compatible with WiFi SD cards such as the EyeFi products, and some digital cameras even have WiFi file transfer capabilities built in.

Using one of these WiFi file transfer methods, you can automatically copy images to Pictures/Instant Photo Booth/Hot Folder on your computer as you take them. Instant Photo Booth offers two ways to use this for your photo booth.

Automatic Mode

With Automatic Mode, the hot folder becomes a virtual camera for the photo booth workflow.

1. User taps Start Session button

2. User selects a photo layout

3. A photographer takes pictures of the photo booth user. As each picture is transferred to the hot folder via WiFi, it appears in the photo layout just like it had been made with a webcam. Once an image is placed in the photo layout, Instant Photo Booth moves it from the hot folder to the source images folder.

4. Once the photo layout is full, the photo booth session continues normally.

Gallery Mode

With Gallery Mode, images accumulate in the hot folder. The user can then select which photos he or she wants in the photo layout.

1. Photos are taken and transferred via WiFi to the hot folder. Instant Photo Booth does not move images, so an entire event’s photos can appear in the gallery.

2. User taps Start Session button

3. User is presented with a gallery of images from the hot folder. He or she selects several of the images and taps Next.

4. The user selects a photo layout matching the number of selected images.

4. Instant Photo Booth fills the selected layout automatically and the photo booth session continues normally.